teleMates Australian Telecommunication Service Provider
Customer Protection System (TCPS)

21 year old student receives $10,000 Mobile phone bill...
Grandmother receives $1000 home phone bill for 1900 calls...
Small Business has phone system hacked and receives $20000 bill for calls...

You have heard the stories from friends and in the news about “Bill Shock!” Bill Shock
is the sudden and unexpected increases in billing beyond a customer’s normal spend.

Such examples of this include:

Exceeding the included call allowance
Excessive data usage
Excessive roaming charges
High Call Costs and SMS to premium services.

TeleMates understands the importance of servicing and protecting its customers.
For this reason we developed the “TeleMates Customer Protection System”.
This system when activated on a customer account will trigger special alert notifications
when thresholds or events occur.

The “TeleMates Customer Protection System” includes:

  • Total Account Spend Alert : a notification is sent the moment the total account spend reaches a spend threshold.
  • Included Call Allowance: an SMS/email can be sent when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of yours included call allowance.
  • Included Call Allowance Alert : a notification is sent the moment the customer exceeds their included call allowance.
  • Included Data Allowance Alert : a notification is sent the moment you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data allowance.
  • Customer Self-Managed Portal : a customer can log on to their TeleMates account via our website and check on the unbilled usage
     24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Premium 1900 Usage Alert : premium 1900 calls and messaging are premium charged services. An alert is sent to the customer every time
     one of these calls is made. This can be handy if you are not aware of another person in your home or business making these types of calls.
  • Premium Call Barring : restrict access to 1900 and premium services from your telephone.
  • Unlimited ADSL 2+ Plans : TeleMates does not charge any excess usage charges on ADSL2+ connections.

How are the notifications sent ?
All notifications are sent via email to a designated customer email address. If you do not have email a TeleMates customer service representative will contact you via phone instead.

Are the notifications instant ?
The notifications are sent out the moment the updates are received from the network monitoring. The approximate timeframe is 24-48 hours for these updates.

How do I activate the “TeleMates Customer Protection System” ?
This system must be activated by our customer service team.
Please contact our friendly customer service team on 131501 with your TeleMates account number.

All services detailed in the TeleMates Customer Protection System are accessible FREE of charge to all TeleMates customers.

“I would like to thank TeleMates for protecting my business. My company telephone system was hacked and was
being used to make many expensive international calls. TeleMates brought this to my attention very early and we
were able to minimise the damage of a high phone account.”

“My grandchildren were using my home phone to call competition lines while I was not in the room. TeleMates sent a report of 1900 calls to my email. I had no idea my grandchildren were making these calls. I would not have been able to afford to pay my bill. Thank you for looking out for me teleMates”

“My mobile phone was stolen from my house without my knowledge. I received an email when the bill began to exceed my included call usage. I do not normally go over my included call allowance. I was able to quickly call TeleMates and barr my phone access. Thank you TeleMates for saving me!”

“I left an application running on my smart phone that uses a lot of data. I did not know how much internet access this was using. Luckily TeleMates sent a warning notice that I had exceeded my data usage. I would have received a very large bill next month.”
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