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Samsung GALAXY S3

Phone Features :
- Operating System: Powered by Android™ 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System
- Processor: Super-fast 1.4GHz Quad Core processor
- Display: Large 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED+ display
- Battery Standby Time: Up to 500 hours
- Battery Talk Time: Up to 10 hours
- Main Camera Resolution: 8 Megapixel (CMOS)
- Memory: 16GB
- Camera Resolution(Front): 1.9 Megapixel (CMOS)
- Sensors: Accelerometer, Geo-magnetic, Gyro, RGB Light, Barometer sensor
- Colour: Titanium
- Connections: USB v2.0 Micro USB Connector, 3.5pi, Stereo Audio
- Warranty: 2 years

Bonus: Unlimited Access to Facebook & Twitter

Mobile Description

The Samsung Galaxy S3 operates with a superfast quad core processor and large 4.8inch HD display. Other new special features include:

Smart Stay:
It waits till you're asleep: the screen maintains a bright display as long as you're looking at it.

Direct Call:
It knows when you want to talk: if you're sending a message but decide to call instead, simply lift the phone to your ear and it will dial your friend's number automatically.

Smart Alert:
It knows when you've been away from your phone: a vibrating nudge lets you know that you have missed calls or messages.

Social Tag:
It keeps track of your loved ones: a glance at your friends’ photos will show you their current SNS status.

S Voice:
It responds to you: you can tell the phone to wake up, answer an incoming call, or even take a photo.
S Beam:
It shares what’s in your heart: place two Samsung GALAXY S III's back-to-back and you can transfer pictures, music, videos, and more.

Allshare Cast:
It lets you play together: beam your photos, videos and even the game you're playing onto the big screen while your phone doubles as a controller.(Will be available soon)

Buddy Photo Share:
It shares with everyone instantly: as the phone recognizes your friends' faces, it can share photos with them instantly.

AllShare Play:
It shares with everyone instantly: as the phone recognizes your friends' faces, it can share photos with them instantly.

Inspire by nature: the minimal organic design of the Samsung GALAXY S III is reflected in its smooth and gentle curves, while its human-centric nature provides an ergonomic and comfortable experience with enhanced usability.

Pop Up Play:
It lets you do two things at once: watch HD videos as you email or text.

Best Photo:
It sees your best side: picks the best out of 8 continuous photos.

4.8 HD Super Amoled Display:
Seeing for real: 4.8 inches of high-definition display; true and perfect color with ultrafast response time.

4G Ready:
Handset is compatible with the 4G network. Currently Australia has very limited 4G mobile access. This phone will be compatible with 4G networks when these become available in your area.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Available Plans
24 month minimum term applies. Early Termination Fee of 50% X remaining monthly access fee plus any remaining handset repayments.
Usage Guide:
See Critical Information Summary for details:
Customer Terms:
Stocks of this model are limited!
To secure the Samsung Galaxy S3 please contact customer service on 131501 or enter your details below:
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