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Mobile Handsets Details

Phone Features :
Operating System: Nokia C5 5MP
Symbian smartphone.
Mobile Service type: 3G
Screen: 2.2″ TFT Display
Camera: 5MP, up to 4x digital zoom,
LED flash
Navigation: Integrated A-GPS receiver, Nokia Maps
Accessory Connections: Bluetooth.
Music: Nokia Player, stereo FM radio,
3.5mm jack
Memory: MicroSD card slot, hot swappable, up to 16GB
Talktime: 4.9 Hours
Standby Time: 670 Hours
Internet: Built in Mobile Email and
Internet access
   - Vibrating Alert
   - Voice Dialing

Warranty: 2 years

Unlimited Access to Facebook & Twitter

Mobile Video Review
Mobile Description

The Nokia C5 is a simple phone for people who do not want the complex features of a smart phone. You can make and receive calls, Store telephone numbers and Send SMS messages as per a standard mobile phone.

The keypad layout follows the same standard set up as a most Nokia handsets. There is the number pad, a send and end call button and simple menu button. If you have used the regular Nokia keypad previously then you will find changing to this handset easy.

Other additional features that you may choose to use include vibration alert, built in FM radio, 5mega pixel camera for taking family photos. A built in Nokia Navigation Maps GPS system will assist you when you need to access road maps.

Nokia C5 Mobile Price Plans

24 month minimum term applies. Early Termination Fee of 50% X remaining monthly access fee plus any remaining handset repayments.
Usage Guide:

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Customer Terms:

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