teleMates Australian Telecommunication Service Provider
teleMates Fair Use Policy

teleMates $89, $99 & $149 Internet & Phone Bundles
Local, Long Distance & Mobile Calls

(a) This policy applies to use of the fixed wire telephone by customers connected to a plan offering $89 local, $99 Local & LD, and $149 Everything Internet & Phone Bundles.
(b) To ensure the availability of our services to all eligible customers, if we consider your use of the Included Calls offer is unreasonable, then we may suspend your access to that or any other promotion or offer immediately and without notice to you. We will then charge you our standard rates for your use of the service (as set out below).
(c) Please note that our right to suspend or cancel the value added service without notice to you under this clause overrides any requirement we may have to give you notice in other parts of the agreement.
(d) Without limiting the meaning of 'unreasonable', we:
  (i) supply the Local, Long Distance & Mobile Call service to you for the purpose of you making standard telephone calls, but not for the purposes of re-sale, re-supply or commercial exploitation. We consider your use of the Local Call, Long Distance Call and Mobile Calls to be unreasonable if you make calls on our network for the purpose of re-sale, re-supply or commercial exploitation, without obtaining our written consent first. We may give or withhold our consent, or make our consent subject to conditions, in our discretion.
  (ii) also consider your use of the Local Call, Long Distance Call and Mobile Calls to be unreasonable if:
         (A) your usage of the value added service affects other customers’ access to the network; or
         (B) you set up switch devices which have the effect of potentially keeping a line open for hours and limiting the ability for other customers to access the network.
(e) Excess call rates are charged:
   (A) if you exceed the following quotas on each plan
         (i) $89 Local: 300 Local Calls.
         (ii) $99 Local & LD: 300 Local Calls and/or 1000 minutes of STD calls
         (iii) $149 Plan: 500 total minutes of Local, Long Distance & Mobile calls.
   (B) at excess charges as follows:
         (i) Local Calls: 20 cents per call
         (ii) Long Distance Calls: 70 cents per call
         (iii) Mobile Calls: 29 cents per minute

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